New Website for the Nonprofit Marketing EDGE - Find Your EDGE

Seth Giammanco Seth Giammanco

Find Your EDGE Nonprofit Website

Marketing EDGE is focused on providing opportunity to marketing students to learn, grow, and find employment. The organization engaged us to evolve their single page microsite for Find Your EDGE into a complete website, to provide a go to destination for their student audience.

The goals for the site included:

  • Deliver a fully responsive web design solution
  • Streamline content and content organization (information architecture)
  • Provide an easy to use content management system that supported the organization to stay on brand and on message
  • Coordinate with third-party SEO team to help ensure transition to new site and structure was done thoughtfully

There was a notable SEO challenge in mapping urls from previous destinations to this new site. Using Craft CMS not only provided a great solution for managing content, but also made managing routes and URL structures to maintain significant SEO investments easy.

We delivered a simple and clean design that extended the Find Your EDGE branding to a full website.

The site is powered by Craft CMS. We employed a Content Block approach to creating pages and entries that is intuitive. Content publishers are able to focus on the words, images, and videos that help them share their content strategically. With content blocks, they do not have to worry about styles or technical wrangling to make a beautiful page.

We are excited about our partnership with the nonprofit Marketing EDGE and would encourage you to check out their new site