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Microsite for BREAKING POINTS Documentary

BREAKING POINTS is a documentary for adults that investigates the stress that teens face every day. It explores how the this pressure leads to making unhealthy choices. In particular, it looks at a connection with prescription stimulants abuse.  

MOD-Lab was engaged by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to create a site to showcase the film and to highlight opportunities to purchase it for download or rental.

Visual Design

The 30 minute film and its message were so powerful. 

We wanted to showcase this power, the film's impact, in a prominent way on the website. We aimed to strike a balance between making the necessary details easy to find and read, while incorporating some large visuals and quotes directly from the film throughout to promote the film’s message. 

Static Site and eCommerce

This project is a single page website with content that would not need to change that frequently. We focused on keeping things simple and delivered a static page. We delivered a simple HTML page, key assets, and supportive technical documentation. The Partnership's internal team inherited the page and managed it following launch.

One of the unique aspects of the site is the desire to sell the documentary. Typically for nonprofits, content is shared for free or exchanged for an email (hopefully the latter). Donations are asked for either optionally or in a follow-up ask. 

For BREAKING POINTS, the documentary is sold directly to site visitors in three different packages each with different price points and features. A fourth option is available where the video could be screened as part of a special event.

  • Individual Rental - Video is streamed.
  • Individual Package - Video is downloaded with supportive assets.
  • School/Community Screening - Video is downloaded with additional supportive assets and with the intent of being screened to a larger audience.

MOD-Lab explored a few different technology solutions to power the eCommerce options. We looked for a solution that would be able to manage the video and supportive assets, is affordable, and easy to use. In collaboration with The Partnership, we selected Gumroad.

Gumroad addressed all our critical needs and has proven to be a great solution.