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Global Campaign for Education - US Website

Responsive Design Homepage

The Global Campaign for Education, US is focused on promoting a quality education for all. Their website serves as the destination to promote action opportunities and related news for critical educational issues of both domestic and global import.

This website received a 2014 American Web Design Award!

The Action Topic

With a large list of coalition partners whom provide numerous action opportunities and news to promote, there is a challenge to ensure that the content that is either most timely and/or of greatest interest to a visitor is most accessible. The site was crafted to organize actions and news within action topics, and for each action topic to serve as a hub for a specific educational issue.

An action topic can be featured on the home page as well as three others can be marked as trending to allow The Global Campaign for Education, US to curate their content and home page.

Fully Responsive

The site employs a responsive web design ensuring content is accessible and optimized for the ever changing ecosystem of web enabled devices.