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Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program Visual Rebrand

Started in 1972, Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program (HJTEP) has been a pioneer of providing high quality tennis instruction with a focus on the role the sport can play as a vehicle to prepare one for success in life. This is accomplished through a blended sport and education program that leads to inspiring results.

We partnered with HJTEP to create a complete new look and feel to better represent the quality of their program and help support their continued efforts to grow.

Organization Immersion to Inspire a New Logo

To help us get to know HJTEP and begin to explore concepts for a new logo we held a meeting with key leaders and stakeholders followed by a series of interviews with staff, board members, alumni, and current students. In addition, we reviewed "like-kind" organizations and read every piece of HJTEP literature we could.

Our efficient approach took approximately two weeks to complete and allowed our team to become immersed in the needs, strengths and challenges of HJTEP to inspire our creativity

  • Chosen logo

    Final logo represents both the tennis and education side of HJTEP's offerings.

  • Style Guide

    Accompanying style guide to document key branding guidelines and inform future projects.

Print Collateral

Stationary and Business Cards



As a primary communication vehicle for the organization, a main goal of the website is to communicate what HJTEP is, what they do, and their impact in a single home page. The new visual branding shines through in a responsive design solution to introduce HJTEP to site visitors at a glance.

The HJTEP website was a 2015 American Web Design Award Winner!

Homepage Detail

General Page Detail