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New Brand Rollout With Mouse

New Beginnings

A new brand done well is an invigorating experience for an organization.

As long time partners of Mouse we were thrilled to see them come out of an intense study and messaging effort with such a fun and vibrant brand.

We loved working with Mouse to capture that new brand energy and creatively extend it across a wide spectrum of assets and collateral to bring their new brand to life.

Brand Stewards

It is important that not only the organization owns the brand, but also all of their partners. 

Our process started with study of the new brand guidelines. We took time to both converse with Mouse to learn about the brand from their perspective but also engaged in independent thought and reflection.

We needed to ensure that before applying the brand to new design solutions, that we had the right foundation of understanding to drive our creative visions.

Here are a few samples of the work that we have done

Image of event signage

Email Template

Printed Why Mouse? card